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Access FREE Video:
At Home SI Joint Pelvis Realignment

***Make sure you save this video in order to reference it again in the future

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At Home SI Joint Pelvis Realignment

At home SI joint pelvis realignment.png

What's the Next Step?

Flex & Flexibility Program - For The Hypermobile Pelvis.png

4 Week Exercise Program
to strengthen your pelvis.

Get back to:
-walking your dog
-running without discomfort
-picking up your kids without hesitation
-hiking with loved ones

Check Out My Other Goodies

Ebook Bladder Diary.png

I'm here to help you stop leaking!

It can be embarrassing if you are an adult who is struggling with:
-peeing yourself
-leaking with exercise
-struggling to get to the bathroom in time
-avoiding activities in case you have an accident

This BLADDER DIARY is a great tool
to help you track your bladder habits
which is essential to stop leaking!

6 Exercises to Prepare You for Childbirth

6 Exercises to Prepare You for Childbirth Ebook.png

If you are looking to have an easier childbirth, then this FREE e-book is perfect for you!

I share my favorite exercises to help relax your pelvic floor and get your body ready for labor.

Remember that your body is about to "run a marathon" during childbirth and it should be trained to do so. 

However, KEGELS are NOT the answer!

Check out my favorite birth prep exercises here!

E-book - How to get a deeper squat.png

Struggling to get into a deeper squat?

Check out my free e-book that I made just for you!

It's perfect for some quick tips that help you deepen your squat form!

Disclaimer: this website contains information for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, or replace the advise of your healthcare professional.  If you use the information on this website to participate in physical activity you do so at your own risk.

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