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One Exercise You Should Do For The REST Of Your Life

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have worked with clients from all different ages. I used to work in the hospital and have seen people at their worst. It’s embarrassing and frustrating for people when they need help to get off the toilet or out of bed because their legs are too weak to do it independently. While it was my job to help these patients with these movements, these moments can be avoided if we are proactive.

But it comes down to ONE main exercise – SQUATS.

If you were to do one exercise for the rest of your life, it should be squats. However, all too often, I hear clients saying they don’t squat or they avoid squats or were told to stop squatting. However, if you aren’t doing squats, how are you ever going to get out of bed or a chair or off the toilet? You need to know how to squat if you want to climb up or down stairs (which is just a one-legged squat). It’s important to know how to squat well at your best, so you can do it at your worst.

If you don’t know how to squat without pain or you avoid them, reach out to a fitness professional to help you perfect your form so you can keep doing at least one exercise for the rest of your life!


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